Rainy Day Art Picnic

Rainy Picnic (7)Our thoughts have been with those in parts of the world and the country ravaged by hurricanes this month. We’re incredibly thankful that Tropical Storm Jose was only a mild disturbance in our neck of the woods, and highly cognizant of others who were far less fortunate…

The only real inconvenience from our rainy windy day was that we needed to find amusement indoors, and this beautiful “picnic” spread helped make a drizzly afternoon magical.

Rainy Picnic (1)While Travis was napping, I prepared the picnic – a blanket on our living room floor, along with art supplies and index cards on which to produce preschool-sized masterpieces.

Rainy Picnic (3)

Don’t forget the picnic fare! We had chips, peanut butter crackers and olives. Little tea sandwiches would be adorable, too.

Rainy Picnic (2)

When Travis woke up and saw the picnic, he ran right to it. Watercolors were a big hit.

Rainy Picnic (4)

He told me this one was a painting of our cat, with a body, tail, and whiskers – definitely the closest I’ve seen him come to realism.

Rainy Picnic (5)

Don’t forget to snack in between producing your works of art, of course.

Rainy Picnic (6)

We left all our artwork to dry, after which we could stand back and enjoy our neat little art gallery. A vivid display on this gray day!

Rainy Picnic alt.JPG

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