Spin Art with No Spinner

Spin Art without Spinner (9)

Forget fancy spin art machines; there are so many fun ways to replicate the equipment at home, ranging from the messy to the messier. Even better, today we found a way to make “spin art” with almost no mess at all!

To start, I set out various colors of paint along with thick white paper and small paper plates. I invited Veronika to choose which colors we should use on our first plate.

Spin Art without Spinner (2)

She picked red, yellow, and orange, which I dolloped in the center of the plate. Flip over and press your hand firmly in the center, then twist your hand to rotate the colors around in a circle.

Spin Art without Spinner (3)

Lift up for the big reveal!

Spin Art without Spinner (4)

After making a few prints this way, it became clear that it was easier for Veronika’s little hands if we put the paint on the bottom of the plate, then rotated from on top. See which method your child prefers, based on age and strength.

Spin Art without Spinner (6)

You can work in some color mixing for a quick art lesson, as we did with red and yellow paint.

Spin Art without Spinner (7)

Or just add colors in a random way and make pretty designs. Either way, Veronika marveled each time that we lifted off the plate and she saw that we’d made a circle. We were definite fans of this variation on spin art!

Spin Art without Spinner (8)


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