Salad Spinner Art

Salad Spinner Art (4)

There’s no need to buy one of those fancy spin art kits at the store; if you have an old salad spinner (or find one cheap at a yard sale), then you’re all set for this art project!

First, Veronika just wanted to play with the spinner when I set it out. She was strong enough to press down the knob on top all by herself, and was rewarded each time she made the basket inside spin.

Next, we placed a small paper plate in the bottom (between the bowl and the basket insert) and squirted a few colors of paint directly onto the plate.

Salad Spinner Art (1)

Replace the lid securely and give that salad spinner a spin!

Salad Spinner Art (3)

She loved watching it in action!

Salad Spinner Art (2)

The big reveal, though, was when we lifted the lid and she saw all the splattered colors. Needless to say, make sure you have several paper plates on hand because your toddler is going to want to repeat this one a few times.

Salad Spinner Art (5)

The result is such pretty art for almost no effort. Just make sure this particular salad spinner lives in your craft bin, not the kitchen cabinet.

Salad Spinner Art (6)


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