Paint in a New Way

Paint in New Way (5)

This project is the exact opposite of those times you give your children a direction for painting. Set out all your painting supplies (including some that might not be obvious painting supplies!) and let your children lead the way.

Our paints included dot paints, watercolors, fingerpaints, and regular tempera paint.  Our supplies included paintbrushes, craft sticks, sponges, pom poms, a rolling pin… and fingers of course! I simply set all of this out, along with lots of thick white paper.

Paint in New Way (1)

Veronika was first most interested in the fingerpaint, wanting to use her fingers.

Paint in New Way (2)

But then she loved moving the rolling pin through the blobs of paint.

Paint in New Way (3)

The resulting artwork on this sheet was so beautiful and shimmery!

Paint in New Way (8)

Next she loved using the sponges (I had both shape sponges and makeup sponges), which she pressed and swirled through the paint in such lovely ways.

Paint in New Way (7)

Soon she was dotting all over this masterpiece with dot markers!

Paint in New Way (6)

Finally, she moved onto the watercolors. It quickly became clear, though, that the water was more of a hit than the hues!

Paint in New Way (9)

Meanwhile, this hodgepodge of painting supplies even enticed big brother Travis over. Although he normally likes to color in coloring books these days, he decided watercolor might be fun, especially if tied into favorite TV show characters.

Paint in New Way (10)

What interesting shapes or creations will your children paint when you set them loose? Please share in the comments!

Paint in New Way (5)


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