Plant a Family Tree


I’ve found that kids love looking at family pictures – and often not just their own, but other children’s families as well! I’ve kept a little photo album of close family members since Travis was little, which he loves to flip through on occasion. To build this project, we had to chop up a few of those photos into headshots, but we can always find replacements!

Draw a brown tree trunk with limbs on white poster board, adding enough limbs for the “branches” of the family that you’ll include. I set up the poster board while asking Travis to go through his album and select pictures of the relatives we’d be adding, and he loved being set this task!


I cut out the faces of the family members, and we glued them to the poster board. We added a few crumpled pieces of green tissue paper for leaves (mostly done by me, although Travis liked squeezing out the glue) to complete our tree.


Once the glue dries, you can label all the relatives and hang in your child’s bedroom. This project is especially nice if you have relatives who live far away!

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