All About the Solar System


Travis has been very into the solar system ever since receiving a book on the planets for his birthday. Following a visit to the science museum this past weekend, we had fun continuing the planet-themed games at home!

One neat idea is to make “galaxy playdough.” Alas, I did not have black food coloring, but we managed to have fun with the playdough I made following the recipe in the above link, minus the coloring. Then it was time to add “stardust”! Travis loved sprinkling in tons of blue and gold glitter to make our galactic creation.


We used props like model planets and star toothpicks to “explore” our galaxy, making for great fun.


To talk about the relative size of the planets, I set up a simple tracing game. Travis is still getting the hang of tracing, so the result wasn’t as neat as yours will be if your child is preschool aged or up, but we had fun all the same! Cut colored circles from construction paper in various sizes, and tape to a second piece of construction paper, in a different color. Let your child trace around the circles with chalk.


Remove the circles, leaving only the outline of the planets behind. You can smudge the edges of the chalk with your finger for a pulsing planet effect. We finished our “universe” with star stickers.


What other fun galaxy games have your played with your child? Please share in the comments!


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