Binoculars (4).JPG

Now that night is falling earlier, the stars are appearing in the sky before Travis goes to bed. Tonight, we dipped outside just before bedtime with a very special pair of toddler-sized binoculars.

To make the craft, place plastic wrap over the ends of two toilet paper rolls, securing with rubber bands. Place the two tubes next to each other and attach with two additional rubber bands.


Now invite your toddler to decorate with crayons and star stickers. Travis loved selecting which stickers to use!


And now it’s time for the magic. Looking through the binoculars produced wonder just raising them toward some star artwork in our apartment…


Even better was heading outside, where we saw the first star of the evening (okay, it was probably a planet…but shhh don’t tell). “See that little glowing thing? That’s a star!” Travis said proudly.


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