Toddler Chore Jars


Is your little one at an age where they reflexively say “no” to every request? If you’re having trouble getting a toddler or preschooler to complete the little tasks each day – brushing teeth, cleaning up toys, putting on shoes – these cute little chore jars might just trick them into it!

Cover popsicle sticks with colorful craft tape, and label each with a chore. For kids who can’t read yet, you might consider an illustration as well (of, say, a toothbrush), but Travis simply liked having me read him what each stick said.


Now label two clear jars, one marked “Not Done” and one marked “Done.” Clean baby food jars are the perfect size. As each element of the day gets accomplished, your child gets to move the popsicle stick proudly from one to the other.

I tested out the system for the first time this week, now that Travis likes to give me a stubborn “no!” sometimes just for the sake of it! But he was so eager to move the sticks, it turned recalcitrance into excitement. When he initially didn’t want to put his toys away, but then learned he’d get to transfer a stick at the end, he jumped off the couch to help.


Let’s hope he doesn’t catch on to my secret agenda any time soon!

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