Toddler Olympics


Although not exactly timely, we had some random fun playing “Olympic games” this past week.

For an adorable version of toddler discus and javelin throw, mark a bull’s eye on a sheet of paper. Paper plates become your discus and plastic straws make the perfect javelin.


Get the whole family in on the action and see who comes closest to the target! Or just have fun launching the plates all around, as Travis did.


We followed up with a bean bag race. Our favorite version was crawling with the bean bag on our backs, seeing who could last the longest, but you could also try running from a start to finish line with the bean bag on your head, or see who can toss the most bean bags into a basket.


Finally, we made an Olympic ring craft. Although I largely had to piece it together, it was great practice for Travis to see how a straight strip of paper can fold into a circle. Once our rings were complete, I showed him the true Olympic logo online, and he was delighted to see that ours matched, including the colors in the same places.


What other toddler “sports” would you add? Please share in the comments!

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