Fingerprint Heart



This project is an adorable one to do with family or friends over the holidays – if you can wrangle all the kids together!

Ahead of time, trace the outline of a heart on poster board, and then make dashes below the heart, one for each child who will be helping with the craft.


Bring stamp pads in multiple colors; each child gets to choose a different color. Dip little fingers or thumbs in the ink and fill in the heart with fingerprints, making sure to leave one on a dash labeled with their name, so everyone knows who was who!


Travis and I gave the project a test run at home before bringing to Thanksgiving to share with cousins.

Admittedly, group crafts aren’t always picture perfect. There may or may not have been some fighting over who got which color, and some attempts to dip whole hands in the ink pad instead of just a finger… but overall it was a cute diversion for the kiddos! You can even frame the project once complete, to gift to grandparents or other relatives for the holidays.

What group crafts have you enjoyed with family this time of year? Please share in the comments!

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