Stress Ball

Stress Ball (3).JPG

“Terrible twos” don’t have to be terrible. A simple too like a stress ball can help your child calm down in a rough moment – and help you stay joyful as a parent! We talked a lot about feelings lately with our Koala Feelings crate, and helping your child identify frustration is a key first step in quelling a tantrum.

Ready to help your toddler squeeze away emotions? Grab a balloon, a funnel, and cornstarch. Lacking a funnel, we actually used an old party horn, which was shaped perfectly!

Stress Ball (1)

Inflate the balloon a couple of times to stretch it out, then insert the funnel. Gradually add your cornstarch until the balloon is filled; you may need a kebab skewer or pencil to help push the cornstarch down – Travis loved this part.

Stress Ball (2)

Now it was time to give a squeeze; he thought it was very cool how soft and squishy it was. The stress ball would also work great in situations where your child is nervous or scared!


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