Marshmallow Sculptures

Marshmallow Sculpt (3)

Travis and I had some gooey fun attempting to make sculptures from marshmallows last November, but I confess our attempts were foiled by using large marshmallows and unsteady straws as construction materials.

This time we used toothpicks and the small marshmallows from Dandies, and were able to create much sturdier constructions! Note: I recommend playing this game soon after your child has had a meal or a snack – that way the marshmallows will be viewed more as building material, and less as a treat to eat… Although we did sneak a few bites along the way!

Already compared to November, Travis was much better at construction. He loved adding a marshmallow to either end of a toothpick, and loved that they looked like Q-tips!

Marshmallow Sculpt (2)

I then helped arrange these into more complex structures, whether two-dimensional shapes…

Marshmallow Sculpt (1)

Or three-dimensional creations.

Marshmallow Sculpt (6)

The project was a great way to discuss shapes and dimensions! We even tried a double-decker hexagon.

Marshmallow Sculpt (7)

In sum, sticky fun for everyone.

Marshmallow Sculpt (4)

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