Paint Up a Storm

Paint a Storm (7)

This idea from our April copy of High Five magazine was the perfect project on a gray day as we head into rainy April – what better way to help children enjoy all those April showers that will bring May flowers??

To start, we looked out the window at the stormy day, and I asked Travis what colors he saw, pointing out various tones of gray and deep blue. I asked him if he wanted to paint the day, and his enthusiastic answer was yes!

I set out watercolor and watercolor paper, but first we needed to add our “raindrops”: tear bits of masking tape into pieces, and adhere to the paper; when you remove the pieces later, you’ll have white raindrops left behind.

Paint a Storm (2)

Travis barely paused for this step before diving for the paints. He talked as he worked about the various shades of blue he made…

Paint a Storm (3)

…and then impressed me by painting “puddles”!

Paint a Storm (5)

Mama made her own watercolor while he worked, and we collaborated on a third, ending up with three stormy paintings.

Paint a Storm 6)

Let the watercolor dry completely before removing the tape and revealing your “rain drops”.

Paint a Storm (8)

The paintings are perfect to transform into gifts. We folded one in half to make a “Cloudy Card” as a gift for his grandpa. A second one we cut into strips to be “Rainy Day Bookmarks.”

Finally, we glued a photo in the center of the third, making a Stormy Weather Picture Frame – the perfect gift for daddy’s desk!

Paint a Storm (1)

What other gift ideas can you think of with these stormy paintings? Please share in the comments!

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