Pasta Bead Sequencing

Pasta Bead (4)

Here’s another fantastic activity for the Kool-Aid dyed pasta we made a few weeks back. We’ve already strung together bracelets with our pasta beads, but this time I used the pasta for a slightly more educational purpose.

Using the template available from Kiwi Crate, I printed out pictures of the pasta beads arranged by color, and then had them laminated. You can skip the lamination, but doing so means you can do this activity again and again!

Pasta Bead (5)

Encourage your child to line up the beads in the order that’s shown on the card. As an alternative, give him or her a pipe cleaner, to thread the pasta in order.

Pasta Bead (6)

Travis is a little young to accomplish a task like this from start to finish still, but he loved selecting a pasta piece from his bag and placing it on the correct color. We’ll work up to completing the whole sequence on pipe cleaners as he gets older!

Pasta Bead (3)

This activity would be perfect for on-the-go moments when you need to keep your kiddo occupied, like a restaurant or waiting room.

Pasta Bead (1)

Update: At closer to 3, Travis now loves doing this activity directly onto a pipe cleaner!

kool aid update.JPG

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