Straw Flute

Straw Flute (4).JPG

We’re on a musical instrument kick lately, and realized we needed to add some woodwinds (er, plasticwinds) to our collection, which was heavy on percussion! This “flute” won’t really make separate notes, but it is adorable and fun to put together.

Perhaps even better than playing with the final product, Travis loved helping select which color straws we should use. We counted out six, although you could make your flute larger or smaller.

Straw Flute (1)

Next, we snipped the straws into varying lengths, about 1 inch shorter each time. Great scissor practice, before preschool starts tomorrow!

Straw Flute (2)

I arranged the straws in height order and taped them together before handing the instrument over to my little fifer, who soon was tooting away a melody.

Straw Flute (3)

The flute practically begged for an Irish jig to dance along to!

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