Music Sheet Banner

Music Sheet (9).JPG

As we continue to decorate Travis’s room in our new home, this upcycled craft was the perfect idea for a kid who loves music. The banner would also make a fantastic party decoration, if you cut out enough triangles to spell a larger message like HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I have lots of piano sheet music at home, which made ripping up a few old songs a simple matter. Otherwise, look for second-hand sheet music at a garage sale or music store – no matter what song you pick, musical notes and clefs will be a pretty backdrop!

Music Sheet (1)

Travis loved helping cut the music sheets into triangles…

Music Sheet (3)

As well as ripping the scraps into ever smaller pieces for quite some time afterwards.

Music Sheet (2)

He can’t write his name on his own yet, but he and I did hold a marker together to form T-R-A-V-I-S. He was so proud!

Music Sheet (6)

For final assembly, I simply attached the triangles to a piece of twine with a little bit of scotch tape, and that was it!

Music Sheet (7)

A new banner over his new big boy bed.

Music Sheet (8)

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