Fall Sensory Jars

Fall Sensory Jar (5)

This easy project works on several skills: sorting, fine motor skills, plus a little bit of science when it comes to what will sink and what will float. But never mind all that – kids won’t even notice they’re learning; they’ll just love the process and seeing all the pretty fall-colored things in their final creation!

To start, gather any fall-themed or fall-colored bits that will fit in your water bottle. I had hoped to use foam shapes in the shapes of leaves, pumpkins etc., but wasn’t able to find any at the store. Instead, we had an assortment of little wooden craft leaves, paper leaves, and buttons and pom poms in autumnal colors. Bits of fall-hued ribbon would work well to!

To start, encourage your tot to sort the items by kind (or by color, if you prefer).

Fall Sensory Jar (1)

Travis was impatient with that step because he couldn’t wait to get his hands on the water bottle. Pour a little water from the top, leaving it mostly full, and begin adding your items.

Fall Sensory Jar (2)

Here is where we had fun guessing what would sink and what would float. Buttons made a quick descent to the bottom, whereas our pom poms and wooden leaves stayed near the top.

The narrow opening of the bottle also posed an interesting puzzle for Travis to work out. How could he fold our leaves so they fit inside?

Fall Sensory Jar (3)

Once the jars are filled, use a hot glue gun (grown-up step) to seal on the caps. Now your child can watch the items swirl back and forth!

Fall Sensory Jar (4)

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