DIY Glow in the Dark Comet

DIY Comet (6)

We added a little light into an otherwise dreary rainy morning with this glow stick project. It’s perfect for any kids interested in outer space, or who are learning what comets are – or just any kid who loves glow sticks of course.

To make our comet, I trimmed the sides, top, and bottom from a trash bag, leaving us with a large sheet of plastic.

DIY Comet (1)

Travis traced around the rim of a bowl with a marker to make the center of our comet – I love how steady his hand has become at tracing!

DIY Comet (2)

To make the tail of the comet, we cut the plastic into strips, cutting from the edges up to the center circle.

DIY Comet (3)

Place a small ball in the center (such as a wiffle ball or tennis ball), and wrap up with the plastic bag; tie with a ribbon to secure. We added extra ribbons in red and orange for fiery comet flair!

DIY Comet (5)

As the finishing touch, we tied on two glow sticks (go ahead and use more than two if you like, but that’s all we had in the house).

We dimmed the lights and Travis dashed around to make the comet fly. If you’re having a sunny day, you’re definitely going to want to save this project for nighttime.

DIY Comet (7)

After a while, Travis decided the comet could also be a flare for mountain recues, so we acted out a few “cliff” rescue scenarios on the couch as well.

DIY Comet (8)

What else could your glowing comet become? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!


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