Make a Time Capsule!

Time Capsule (6).JPG

Here’s an activity you can do any time of year, in any season, on any day big or small. I saved up the idea for the holiday season when I knew we’d have particularly special days to capture on camera. Either way, all you need is an instant camera (we love the Fujifilm Instax mini!) and your family members, and you have the making of a time capsule.

Our particular event was a local Dickens Christmas festival and a performance of the Nutcracker. Travis loved helping take the instant pics as we went along, meaning some were quite blurry, but that added its own charm. Here he is aiming the camera!

Dickens (3)

Once home, we sorted through our mementos.

Time Capsule (2)

In addition to pictures, you can add other items from the day, such as tickets to an event…

Time Capsule (4)

…programs, crafts that were made, or souvenirs that your purchased.

Time Capsule (3)

Now seal it all up in a shoebox. Travis loved helping tape down the edges.

TIme Capsule (5)

We put a big note on it to leave it alone until one year from now, and can’t wait to relive the memories!

Time Capsule (1)

What event or day is going into your time capsule? Please share in the comments!

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