Coffee Candles

Coffee Candle (6)

This is a beautiful and simple project, and to be honest was more of a craft for the grown-up in the room than for Travis! But he loved the materials involved, which were completely novel to him. Whether your little helper actually pitches in with the craft or just plays with the materials, it’s a cozy winter afternoon activity to do together.

The goal was to decorate the bottom of pillar candles with whole coffee beans – a toasty smelling and lovely touch that will add beauty to your holiday decorations or would make a great gift if wrapped up in cellophane with a big bow.

First, Travis needed to investigate the coffee beans. He loved the way that they felt and smelled – it didn’t hurt that we used an intense dark roast!

Coffee Candle (1)

The next cool object was the candles, since I don’t usually have these around the house. He loved the smooth wax, and was very curious how the wick and flame work (adult supervision required around candles at all times, of course!)

Coffee Candle (2)

To decorate a candle, you’ll need tacky glue (not white school glue) so that the coffee beans will hold in place as your little assistant helps glue them on. We decided we liked the beans best with the dimpled side facing outward.

Coffee Candle (3)

As mentioned though, Travis’s interest quickly turned simply to playing with the coffee beans. He was soon delightedly busy with a coffee bean kitchen…

Coffee Candle (4)

….while mama glued on the beans. Since it was just me, I actually switched to using a hot glue gun, which held the beans in place even better than tacky glue.

Coffee Candle (5)

Once the beans are set, place your holiday candles where friends and family can enjoy their sight and aroma too!

Coffee Candle (7)


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