Sponge-Print Wrapping Paper

Sponge Wrapping Paper (8).JPG

Enlist the kids help with gift wrapping this year… not just to wrap up the presents, but to make the wrapping paper first. Not only will they enjoy making this easy DIY gift wrap, but they’ll be so proud when they see gifts presented to loved ones in the paper that they made.

To start, cut sponges into shapes and glue onto old jar lids – the sponge should be cut until about the same size as or smaller than the lid. Simple shapes like triangles and squares are easiest, but get fancy if you’re handy with a paring knife!

Sponge Wrapping Paper (1)

I spread out a leftover roll of craft paper, and Travis immediately set to dipping his sponge stamps into paint…

Sponge Wrapping Paper (5)

…and dotting all over the paper. He liked making “patterns” as he worked.

Sponge Wrapping Paper (4)

Sometimes he spaced the stamps far apart, and sometimes he liked clustering them, so we ended up with a final product that was decidedly his creation.

Sponge Wrapping Paper (7)

We also had fun swirling together blue and white paint to make a light blue.

Sponge Wrapping Paper (9)

Once the paint is completely dry, it’s gift wrapping time!

Sponge Wrapping Paper (10)

What fun wrapping ideas have you used this holiday season? Please share in the comments!

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