Build a Scrapbook

Scrapbook (5)

If kids love books, then kids adore books about themselves. This cute scrapbook idea came from Ranger Rick Jr., and was the perfect indoor activity for a cold winter afternoon!

First we needed to take pictures, which was by far the most exciting part of the whole project for Travis. An instant camera is so great to have on hand for moments like this; we love the Instax instant mini camera.

Scrapbook (2)

Travis proudly helped load up the film, decide which items around the house needed to be captured on film, and of course pointing and shooting.

Scrapbook (1)

Once we had about 20 photos, we sorted them into categories, such as family members, daily activities, and favorite things.

Scrapbook (3)

How you arrange your scrapbook from here is up to you! We affixed pictures onto colorful construction paper (cut in half, an easier size for little hands to turn the pages). You could also decorate plain white paper with wrapping paper scraps, or marker and crayon designs.

Scrapbook (4)

I helped with the layout and writing on each page, and Travis added stickers.

Scrapbook (7)

To bind your scrapbook, punch out holes with a hole puncher and tie together with colored ribbon.

Scrapbook (8)

The best part was curling up for a nighttime read of the book. Travis was so proud pointing to the pictures he’d taken! Definitely a treasure that we’ll leaf through again and again.

Scrapbook (9)

What pages would you include in your child’s scrapbook? Please share in the comments!

Scrapbook (10)



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