Pinecone Snow Owl

Pinecone Owl (8).JPG

These cute owls were the perfect craft to put together on a day with two-foot-high snow drifts outside our window!

Our inspiration came from the picture of this adorable little guy.

Pinecone Owl (1)

All we needed were pinecones and cotton balls to recreate him indoors, and luckily I had both on hand.

Tearing apart cotton balls always feels so fluffy and fun!

Pinecone Owl (3)

Travis helped push the cotton into the pinecone, until we had mostly filled it in with white.

Pinecone Owl (4)

As an alternative, we tried using a white feather boa for an even fluffier look, winding it in between pinecone sections.

Pinecone Owl (2)

These owls turned out so fluffy though that they looked more like snow gerbils!

Pinecone Owl (5)

To finish our owls, we added googly eyes and little beaks cut from brown felt.

Pinecone Owl (6)

They’re nice and warm inside and away from the snow!


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