Egg Carton Boat

Egg Boat (5).JPG

Travis has been having so much fun with the foam and cork canoe we crafted a few weeks back that we decided to add to our upcycled bathtime collection!. Half of an egg carton from my in-laws’ house was the perfect base for our boat.

Cut an egg carton in half; save the remaining half for another use.

Egg Boat (1)

Decorate the carton with markers or paints. Markers will probably work fine on a cardboard egg carton, but since ours was Styrofoam, we used dot markers. Travis loved making each tip of the boat a different color.

Egg Boat (2)

I cut a triangle from white paper, which we decorated as well, then taped to a wooden stick. Voila! A sail.

Egg Boat (3)

Stick your mast into the base of the boat, and it’s time to set sail.

Egg Boat (4)

Use any toy figures you have, such as Duplo people, to be your sailors. Ahoy mateys!

Egg Boat (6)

The verdict is that this boat didn’t last very long (the sail is toast the minute it gets wet), but Travis had so much fun with it that bath was double its normal length in time! I don’t post bathtime pictures, but needless to say there was lots of capsizing, splashing, rescue games, motor boats running out of gas, storms at sea, and more.

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