Egg Carton Penguins

Egg Penguin (6)

We don’t buy eggs, but I do confess that egg cartons from my in-laws’ house make for fantastic up-cycled crafts. We got the idea to make these cute figures after a feature on penguins in our first issue of Ranger Rick Jr. We quickly decided we needed some adorable toy penguins around the house!

Egg Penguin (1)

Cut an egg carton into indiviaul compartments and paint with black tempera paint. Since the carton was originally pink Styrofoam, it took two coats of paint before we hid the color underneath.

Egg Penguin (2)

Next we made sure to gave them white bellies!

Egg Penguin (5)

I cut out orange hearts to be the feet and orange triangles to be the beaks from a sheet of orange felt, and Travis helped glue these on.

Egg Penguin (4)

Googly eyes were the finishing touch!

Egg Penguin 8)

Now we have adorable penguins to march around and bring our magazine story about the animals to life!

Egg Penguin (3)

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