Bird Puppets for Racing

Bird Puppets (6).JPG

Here’s a silly game to play in the backyard, using just a few craft supplies from home!

First, we painted the inside of plastic cups… this was novel for Travis to paint the inside of something, and he took great care adding layers of blue, red, and purple paint.

Bird Puppets (1)

Once the paint dried, we glued a few feathers inside each cup as tail feathers.

Bird Puppets (2)

Two more feathers went on the outside of each cup as the wings, along with a construction paper triangle for a beak and two eyes.

Bird Puppets (3)

In the morning, we set up the race! Cut plastic straws to about the size of your cups, and tape on.

Bird Puppets (5)

Thread long strings anywhere outside like a tree branch, fence, or gate. Slip the other end of each string into the straw of a bird. Now bounce and jiggle your birdies down their strings all the way to the end. Which bird will win?

Bird Puppets (7)

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