Textured Paint Collage

Texture Paint (11)

This easy painting method is a neat way to add textures to your child’s next art creation… and all you need to do so is an old cereal box!

Cut portions of the cereal box so they are like combs that can be raked across a painting; I made Travis two version, one with boxy points and one more pointed like shark’s teeth.

Texture Paint (1)

But first we needed to make artwork with really thick paint! Travis was delighted when I told him the thicker the better for this particular project.

Texture Paint (7)

Once he’d covered the surface of his paper, he tried out the combs to see what kinds of lines or designs they made.

Texture Paint (5)

At not quite four years old, Travis’s artwork is still very abstract. Big kids can be more purposeful in their painting – think of textures like the bark of a tree, the waves of the ocean, blades of grass etc. I made a picture with an ocean, sun, and sky for Travis as an example, as well as some abstract shapes.

Texture Paint (6)

He filled two pages with color and shapes, which we left to dry overnight.

Texture Paint (8)

The next morning, we cut one picture into smaller pieces and used a glue stick to add them to the intact picture – this added still more texture to the final product!

Texture Paint (10)

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