Patriotic Popsicles

Patriotic Pops alt

Need a red-white-and-blue snack for this Fourth of July – or any day this summer? These adorable popsicles fit the bill!

First up was using a small cookie cutter on slices of melon. Ideally, we would have used a small star for truly star-spangled popsicles, but a heart was just as cute.

Patriotic Pops (1)

Travis was so proud of the shapes he made! Cut out enough so you have 2 watermelon slices per popsicle mold, and add to your molds.

Patriotic Pops (2)

Fill the molds nearly all the way with lemonade, then top off with a few fresh blueberries.

Patriotic Pops (4)

Freeze completely before serving. Ha, he seems to be asking, “Hey Mom, how do I get to the fruit?”

Patriotic Pops (7)


DIY Fireworks

DIY Fireworks (6)

We’re making our own fireworks this Fourth of July… on our t-shirts that is!

Ages ago Travis and I made toddler tie-dye, and the method for this shirt is a variation on the idea. Except now Travis can design with much more intention.

First, place a piece of cardboard inside a plain white t-shirt.

DIY FIreworks (1)

Use permanent markers (such as sharpies) in blue and red to draw asterisk shapes on the shirt. This design was a bit over Travis’s head, but he enjoyed scribbling with the sharpies.

DIY Fireworks (3)

Use an eye dropper (great for building those little finger muscles!) to drop a few drops of alcohol onto each colored portion of the shirt. The colors will bleed out into “fireworks” and sparkles. Travis had incredible concentration and determination as he dripped the alcohol over each line of marker.

DIY Fireworks (5)

Let dry completely before wearing.

DIY Fireworks (7)

Happy Fourth!