Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes

Cardboard Snakes (8)

This is a fun craft to put together, and the adorable final product can be used either to play with or to occupy a cute space in your garden!

First, paint toilet paper tubes with paint on the insides and out. We liked selecting fun bright colors for this project!

Cardboard Snakes (1)

If you intend to set the snakes outside in the garden, be sure to use acrylic paint. Painting the inside was a bit tricky for Travis, so I did that part and neatened up the outside of his blue one. Let dry completely.

Cardboard Snakes (2)

Cut each tube into a coil shape. I confess that I found this step tricky, so our snakes only have about 4 loops each. I saw others online that were cut into very thin little spirals – by all means go ahead if it doesn’t hurt your wrists as it hurt mine!

Cardboard Snakes (4)

Coil your snakes around a longer tube (like an old paper towel roll) to hold them steady and add colorful dots using the handle of a paintbrush rather than the bristles – a novelty!

Cardboard Snakes (5)

Let one side dry completely before you flip the tubes and dot the other side.

Cardboard Snakes (6)

For a final touch, we glued on triangle “tongues” made from red paper and two googly eyes.

Cardboard Snakes (7)

Travis was so excited by the way the snakes stretched out! Great for imaginative games.

Cardboard Snakes (9)

When it’s time to find your snake a place in the rainforest (er, I mean garden), choose a cozy spot and nestle them in.