Jeweled Garden Sticks

Jewel Sticks (5)

We’re proud of the little garden we’ve managed to create on our patio this summer (a goal from our Bucket List!), with everything from chalkboard planters to little coiled snakes as decorative guests. Now we wanted to make sure pests stayed away, and I read a tip online that shiny items act as a deterrent.

Travis was a pure imp putting this project together, but luckily I had our work surface well covered! First, cover jumbo craft sticks with glue.

Jewel Sticks (1)

Add sequins or any other shiny items (such as beads or buttons) from your craft bin. I thought Travis might want to place pieces on deliberately or in a pattern, but no… dumping the bag of sequins was much more fun!

Jewel Sticks (2)

This method worked surprisingly well. When we shook off the excess, we had shiny jeweled sticks left over.

Jewel Sticks (3)

Let dry completely before heading outside to put in the dirt near any plants you want to protect.

Jewel Sticks (4)

We’ll see if it works!