Cantaloupe Skewers

Cantaloupe Skewers (1)

These skewers feature all the best flavors of summer on a plate, and are great as a side dish, appetizer, or even a non-cook main course if you eat enough for them! For the closest vegan mozzarella to a fresh one like buffalo, you can’t go wrong with Follow Your Heart’s mozzarella block. Cook your bacon slices ahead of time and cut into pieces that are roughly the size of the other ingredients.

Repeat the process below with all the ingredients to make as many skewers as you need to feed your family or a summer party crowd.

Per skewer you’ll need:

2 cantaloupe chunks

2 fresh basil leaves

2 cubes “fresh” vegan mozzarella

2 pieces vegan bacon (homemade or store-bought)

2 cubes French bread baguette.

Thread the ingredients onto long skewers in a pattern.

For every two skewers, drizzle with about 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon agave nectar.

Cantaloupe Skewers (2)

Which little tidbit will you eat first?

Leave a Trace

Trace (2)

It may be the middle of summer now, but fall is just around the corner, and I’m already thinking ahead to when Travis will start pre-K in September. One of the skills that pre-K teachers emphasize is tracing, great for learning pen control and pre-writing. How to make that fun in the summertime? Use the sun!

Set a large piece of poster board or craft paper in a sunny spot, and arrange your child’s toys on the paper. For beginning tracers, keep shapes simple.  Building blocks are great, in rectangles, squares, and triangles. Older kids might enjoy the challenge of tracing around complicated objects, like animal figures, cars, or dinosaurs.

Trace (1)

Encourage your child to follow the lines of shadow that the sun casts on the paper. This was tricky for Travis and he didn’t have the patience for it that I hoped on this particular morning, but we got in a little practice!

Trace (3)

If your kids are into it, try coming back to the activity over the course of the day; the shadows will shift (shortest at noon), which is a neat little lesson on the Earth’s rotation.