Create Your Own Constellation

Constellations (8)

Late summer nights are the perfect chance to star gaze, look for shooting stars, and teach your kids a little about the constellations (although my own knowledge pretty much ends at the Big Dipper and Orion!).

We took the fun inside the next day with this cute idea from High Five magazine, using some recent rocks from a day of collecting at the beach. Wash and dry your rocks before beginning.

Constellations (2)

Paint the rocks black, and let dry completely.

Constellations (3)

Once dry, we painted on white stars. Although Travis didn’t quite master the shape of a star, it was fun to teach him how to draw one.

Constellations (4)

We let the white paint dry, then added a layer of glow-in-the-dark puffy paint.

Constellations (6)

Leave your rocks in the sun to activate the paint.

Constellations (7)

At night, move your rocks to the darkest spot in your house (that meant our bathroom, away from any windows!) to see them glow. I encouraged Travis to arrange them in fun shapes and make his own constellation.

Constellations (9)

A cute new way to “star gaze.”