Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon (4)

My son loves appliances, which he loves to play with (unplugged) under careful adult supervision. So when I saw this craft involving a hairdryer, I knew we had to give it a try.

I purchased a small canvas (8×8 inches) at the craft store, and cut the wrappers off a rainbow of crayons. You’ll want new crayons with nice pointy ends for this project, so it’s not the best option for recycling broken ones.

We arranged the crayons along the top of the canvas in roughly rainbow order, singing a rainbow song as we worked, and glued them down. Let dry completely.

Melted Crayon (1)

Then it was time to make some art! Cover your work area with newspaper, aim the hairdryer at the canvas, and turn on to the highest setting. He couldn’t believe I was letting him down this!

Melted Crayon (2)

With a guiding grown-up hand, we got right up close to the crayons. Now they were really starting to melt!

Melted Crayon (3)

Let the wax cool, then find some place to hang your work of art!

Melted Crayon (5)

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