Stamped Garden Gloves

Stamped Gloves (6)

As camp season comes to a close, we’re thinking about gifts to thank Travis’s counselors for a wonderful few weeks in the sun. In keeping with all that outdoor time they’ve spent with your children for the summer, consider these kid-painted garden gloves as a parting gift!

To make the project extra fun, we bought puffy fabric paints in pretty pastels, and instead of using paintbrushes, we turned pencil erasers into our tool of choice.

Stamped Gloves (1)

Squeeze out the paints onto a paper plate.

Stamped Gloves (2)

Dip a pencil eraser in a color, and stamp onto the gloves.

Stamped Gloves (3)

Travis made a set decorated with multi-colored dots.

Stamped Gloves (5)

Meanwhile I showed him a slightly more deliberate method of painting: purple dots in bunches of three to be purple grapes. A little brush of green paint for the leaves completes the look. Older kids will love making this version.

Stamped Gloves (4)

To present as a gift, simply wrap up the gloves with a seed packet of herbs and some twine. They would make a wonderful hostess gift for any summer friends you visit, as well.

Stamped Gloves (8)

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