What’s the Weather? Frame

Weather Frame (6)

Chances are, if your child is in preschool or kindergarten, circle time in the morning involves checking the weather and talking about what it’s like outside that day. This make-at-home frame, care of High Five magazine, is a great way to keep up the routine on weekends or holidays.

To start, peel the backing off 2 magnetic sheets (available at craft stores), and cover with paper, trimming the edges of the paper to fit if necessary.

Weather Frame (1)

Cut one sheet into 4 long strips. These will be the 4 edges of your frame. Travis and I sat down and talked about different kinds of weather. He enjoyed drawing a “sun,” and what he decided was a “purple storm cloud” and some “raindrops” before hurrying to affix them to the fridge. (Kids will love the magnetic component of this project!)

Weather Frame (4)

A quick confession: I was briefly disappointed that Travis didn’t take more care in his coloring, perhaps trying to draw ovals for raindrops, or more of a proper cloud or sun. That said, he was proud of his work, and it was a reminder that “imperfect” art projects are still a great source of learning and creativity for our kids.

Weather Frame (2)

Meanwhile, I drew 4 pictures on the other magnetic sheet with different kinds of weather we might see. Travis asked for: sun, storm, rain, and snow.

Weather Frame (3)

Cut out the weather magnets, and then head to the nearest window to see what it’s like out there. Hang the right magnet inside your frame for the day. Don’t forget to check the weather tomorrow!

Weather Frame (5)

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