Glass Symphony

Rainbow Symphony (5)

We started off our day with a rainbow of sound! This neat homemade “xylophone” is a great way for kids to visualize the vibrations created in a basic glass symphony.

Fill glasses of the same shape and height with different levels of water. You don’t have to be exact about this, but I found it easiest to add water in 1/2 cup increments.

Add food coloring to the glasses so you have a pretty rainbow of colors. (Note: I use the all-natural coloring from Watkins, but I always find that the green looks very blue in water; instead, use the blue and yellow to mix a truer green).

Rainbow Symphony (1)

Now it was time to hand Travis a spoon, and see what he discovered. I asked him what was different about each glass. First he pointed out the obvious: different colors. But as he dinged each one with a spoon, he was delighted to find the sounds changed.

Rainbow Symphony (2)

“Sort of a low note,” he described.

Rainbow Symphony (3)

“Even higher!” he exclaimed.

Rainbow Symphony (4)

“Really high!”

Your mini Mozart can even try making up a song.

Here is my attempt at Hot Cross Buns, although I would have had to take some time to get scientific if I wanted the notes to be exactly right.

This project is a delight for all!

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