Diaper Time Language

DIaper 1 (3)

Introducing to the world… Veronika! Our daughter joined the family just a few days ago, and I’m eager to share our joyful journey together alongside the adventures with my son.

Infant “games” are simpler than those previously posted to Joyful Parenting, but no less important. To wit, don’t be disappointed it, in the first few days home with your baby, you learn that at first they are going to do three things on repeat: Eat, sleep, need a diaper change.

That means lots of time spent at the diaper table, but instead of regarding the task as drudgery (or disgusting – meconium, anyone?), use the time to your advantage.

It’s never too early to introduce language to your child, and more than just vocab words. Of course you can point out items as you use them – diaper, wipes. But even more so, talk in full sentences. Baby’s love “baby-ese” yes, but talking to them with big grown-up syntax helps, too.

Diaper 1 (1)

So as you diaper, become like a film narrator. “This is your new diaper.” “Thank you for holding still, that helps me put on your new one!” “Now we’re using a wipe.”

Infants are likely to fuss during a change, so here’s hoping that this simple “game” calms them down.


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