Skin to Skin (4)

One of the first things I longed to do once home from the hospital with my daughter was nestle somewhere skin-to-skin. Or why wait, as this is an activity you could even do while still in your hospital stay, especially if there for a few days. In fact studies have shown that skin-to-skin contact can reduce hormones that lead to stress, lower a mom’s risk of postpartum mood disorders, improves a baby’s physical well-being, and promote bonding.

At home, find some place comfy and get your baby down to nothing but a diaper. Lay him or her on your bare chest, being sure to cover with a blanket if the room is chilly.

Skin to Skin (2)

You’ll be amazed at every bit of this simple activity – the way a newborn’s skin feels like velvet, the way they instantly nestle into you as if they were born understanding how to do this (hey, I guess they were!), the way both of your heart beat’s slow. Make sure both mom and dad get in on the action!

Skin to Skin (3)

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for tummy time, even before the umbilical stump falls off. Chances are you won’t want the skin-to-skin to end.


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