Introduce Family Traditions

Family Traditions (7)

It’s never too early to start a family tradition, whether your baby is your first child or a new sibling. Certainly, Veronika’s birth has us thinking about new traditions we can incorporate into our home. Here’s a quick rundown of a few we’ve begun and hope to continue!

Afternoon Walks:

Obviously you won’t be able to do this every afternoon, but I highly recommend finding a pretty spot or route that your family loves, and make it a tradition to head out walking at least once a month (yes, even in the winter)! To wit, we have three walks that now belong to our family: one in a local state park along paved trails; one around the pond at our local park; and one secret trail through the woods. This last we call the “Kerber Walk”, because there is a restaurant of the same name nearby, but it isn’t the actual name of the trail. We love that the moniker is a family secret.

Wherever you go, visit in multiple seasons and your family tradition will be firmly in place.

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Festive Customs:

I held off on buying much for the holidays when Travis was my only child, knowing I always wanted a second. Since Veronika’s birth, I can coordinate each holiday as it comes around! Most recently, this has meant brother-and-sister Easter baskets with monogrammed bunny ear liners. I’ll be coordinating the gifts they receive, too: a spring-themed book for each child, as well as a treat (candy for Travis, pureed carrots for little Veronika!).

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Whatever traditions feel unique to your family, introduce them to your baby early; he or she will never remember a time without the custom.

Connecting with Cousins:

If your lucky enough to have cousins in the area, make it a point of playing together. It has been so fun to watch Travis bloom into buddies with the two boy cousins who live close by. Meanwhile the baby girls are only two months apart in age! Our goal is to pencil in a date monthly. These kids can grow up together and forge their own traditions.

Family Traditions (2)

And big teenage cousins have the perfect laps for sitting.

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Saturday Play in the Park:

Weekends get busy with kids – sport practice, birthday parties, art classes. But usually are mornings are free, so we try and make it a custom to head to a playground for quality family time. Family obligations might mean you can’t do so every Saturday, but it’s a great goal to aim for. Little Veronika can’t play yet, but she can watch big brother play!

Family Traditions (9)

I like to think she’s soaking up the adventure that awaits, and big siblings will love that they can run and play and not worry about indoor admonitions to avoid waking the baby.

Family Traditions (8)

Sunday Snuggles:

Travis has always been a big one for snuggles (boy do I feel lucky!) and now Veronika is in on the snuggly action. We decided that now when we cuddle up for special Sunday snuggles on the couch, we’ll snap a Sunday Snuggle Selfie. Moving forward, we’ll have a week-by-week record of these cuddly moments!

Family Traditions (15)

Family Games:

Even though Veronika is too young to play still, it’s great to pull out games and make it a family board game night (or day, if that works better!) and make interactive time a priority. Right now, Travis gets the thrill of playing, while she gets to sit on a grown-up’s lap or lie close by and take in the action.

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What other traditions are you building for your baby? Please share in the comments!



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