Natural Mimic

Natural Mimic (8).JPG

Infants are wired to mimic or mirror their adult caregivers, which leads to the beginnings of language, social skills, and emotional intelligence, just to name a few! So today, I really focused on letting Veronika mimic the bigger people in our household, in preparation for some milestones to come.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to encourage mirroring is to continue making faces at your child – big smiles are sure to be returned by your little mimic!

Natural Mimic (5)

More to the point, though, talk your baby through your day, and encourage him or her to join in. Today I sat Veronika in her high chair while her big brother ate meals. She got play food; he got the real thing.

Natural Mimic (1)

She got to hold a spoon just for fun; he used his fork for real.

Natural Mimic (3)

Pretty soon she was picking up the toy food, biting at the spoon – a natural!

Natural Mimic (4)

Later, I put her back in the highchair as I cleaned the kitchen. Veronika got her own cloth to “clean” her tray. She looked so excited to be involved in mommy’s activity, as I narrated my own counter wiping and cleaning to her.

Natural Mimic (7)

Another great opportunity is diaper changes. I talked Veronika through my actions, and she got her own diaper to hold.

Natural Mimic (6)

This mimicry is also the reason babies love toys that look like (a more colorful) version of your things. Veronika loves her set of car keys – so much like mommy’s!

Natural Mimic (9)

How does your baby mimic you? Please share in the comments!

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