Baby’s View

Baby's View (7).JPG

If you’re at all like me, you’re probably in the habit of putting your baby in the same places, facing the same direction, and looking at the same spots. This is certainly true for Veronika, with her head always the same way for diaper changes, her high chair at the same angle near the dinner table, and a go-to spot for her blanket during playtime on the rug.

Today, the goal was to shake things up! Although routine is good for babies (it helps your little one record information), even little changes can help forge new pathways and memories in the brain.

First, instead of getting her dressed on her diaper table, we changed outfits down on the floor. Hello, new location!

Baby's View (2)

Next, I placed her high chair in a different corner of the kitchen while I cooked and cleaned. Goodbye old spot…

Baby's View (5).JPG

Hello new!

Baby's View (8).JPG

She loved that she could look out the patio door from here, and seemed delighted whenever I opened the cabinets just past her shoulder.

Then we slid her tummy time blanket over to a different section of the living room, and I faced her another way. A whole new wealth of furniture and sights to see!

Baby's View (10).JPG

Obviously it’s not practical to move around big pieces of furniture like a crib, but if you have small, easy to move pieces, do a switch-e-roo today. I turned her baby swing, which normally faces one way…

Baby's View (3)

…and oriented it another. I’d say she liked the change!

Baby's View (4)

Finally, I always make a point of switching up which way Veronika sleeps in the crib. If she nurses on the right side just before bed, her head goes to the right, and vice versa for the left.

Baby's VIew (1)

So take the time to switch things up today, and see if your baby finds a new favorite point of view!


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