Bubble Bottle

Bubble Bottle (4)

This little sensory bottle is the infant version of a soapy bottle I made for Travis as a toddler, incidentally one of the very first posts on this blog!

For a baby version, fill a small water bottle halfway with water. Add just a few drops of liquid dish soap and a couple drops of food coloring. Don’t shake it together yet!

Bubble Bottle (5)

Screw the lid on very tightly. If you’re worried about it coming off (especially if your little one tends to put things in his or her mouth) you could even glue it on and let dry completely.

I sat down with Veronika and tilted the bottle so the color dispersed and the bubbles bubbled up. She loved looking right away!

Bubble Bottle (10)

You can roll it on the ground for your little one.

Bubble Bottle (3)

Or shake it overhead while they are lying down.

Bubble Bottle (7)

Veronika immediately wanted to grab hold!

Bubble Bottle (2)

As a bonus, the bottle will make plastic crinkling sounds as your little one grabs hold.

Bubble Bottle (1)

It also works during tummy time, where Veronika reached out and tried rolling it back and forth by herself. Easy to put together, and I liked that it engaged multiple senses!

Bubble Bottle (8)


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