Balloon Rocket

Balloon Rocket (3).JPG

If you checked out our Fun with Flight Kiwi Crate adventure, then you saw Travis and I made an indoor balloon rocket. We wanted a chance for a repeat outside, and decided it merited its own blog!

This time we made a few significant changes. First, we stretched our string between two fence posts, allowing for a longer space for our “rockets” to fly.

The next innovation was a wide straw (look for “milkshake straws” at the grocery store). This flies much more smoothly come time to launch! Thread the straw onto one end of your string.

Balloon Rocket (1)

Blow up a balloon – but do not knot – and tape it to the straw. Release the balloon and watch it fly.

Balloon Rocket (2)

This was just so beautiful outside in morning sunlight, too!

Balloon Rocket (4).JPG

“3, 2, 1, Go!”


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