More or All Done?

Introduce Question (1)

If you’re going to introduce one question for your baby at nine months old, this one is it: do you want more, or are you all done? First, by asking Veronika if she wants more of something or if she’s all done, it gives her a sense of agency. She can’t say the words yet, but she realizes that by her actions – pushing something away, grabbing for more of it – I’m listening to her. When you use the words, tilt your head and make your voice rise up at the end.

“More” and “all done” are also easy signs to learn, both for parents and babies (and siblings!). “More” is made by taping fingers together.

Introduce Question (6).JPG

“All done” is putting the hands up and shaking them, as if shaking something away. So today at meal time, I made sure to ask Veronika – do you want more or are you all done?

Introduce Question (3)

Hmm, she’s thinking about it. Pause and see if your baby vocalizes, or perhaps even starts to sign back.

Introduce Question (2)

More this time!

Introduce Question (4)

The same question applies when we play with toys or if we’re hanging out some place and I’m curious if she’s had enough or wants more more more. She is just starting to do a hand wave that I think might be her first attempt at “all done.”

Would you like more of that pouch, Veronika?

Introduce Question (5)

All done!

Introduce Question (7)


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