Bring Out the Baby Bathtub

Baby Bathtub (3)

The title of this post means exactly what it says: don’t use the baby bathtub inside this summer… Bring it outside!

Being outdoors in hot summer weather and trying to keep baby cool can be tricky. Even many kiddie pools are toddler-sized, and can be large and intimidating for a baby… Not to mention for the parent who has to keep a double eye on things when water is involved.

The perfect hack? Use the baby bathtub! It’s much smaller, and Veronika loves sitting in this even dry outside while we play But today I filled it with lukewarm water and added a few of her favorite bath toys.

Baby Bathtub (1)

At first she just seemed amazed ato be in water outside, quickly followed by delight. She played with the toys…

Baby Bathtub (5)

Kicked her legs…

Baby Bathtub (4)

And loved when I showed her how to pour from funnels and cups.

Baby Bathtub (2)

She also loves when I splash my fingers in the water to make “fireworks”!

Baby Bathtub (6)

In sum, this is the perfect way to keep baby cool in the pool, whether it’s just the two of you or if big siblings are playing outside, too.


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