Butter Art

Butter Sculpture (8).JPG

Travis loves butter (our favorite is the original from Earth Balance!), so much so he’s been known to ask for it by the spoonful whenever we make recipes with butter. So when he read an article in his latest Highlights about a butter artist, we had to give sculpting with butter a try.

Butter Sculpture (2)

I pulled two sticks of Earth Balance from the fridge (the colder the butter the better) and gave him a dull knife to carve.

Butter Sculpture (1)

At five years old, Travis didn’t actually make anything recognizable, but that wasn’t the point. First he told me he had sculpted Darth Vader, and then he was at work on a city.

Butter Sculpture (6)

Every once in a while he’d have a nibble of course!

Butter Sculpture (9)

I felt a bit like a kid again as I put my own skills to the test on the second stick of butter. This one was a shoe:


Butter Sculpture (4)

And this one was a bed:

Butter Sculpture (5)

We had such a laugh during this whole activity, washed our hands really well after, and otherwise learned something new about butter and art. In other words, highly recommended!

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