Eat the Alphabet

Eat Alph main.JPG

What better way to conclude an almost-kindergartner’s summer alphabet lessons than to eat your way through it? Each day for 26 days at snack time, I gave Travis a food starting with a letter, in alphabetical order. He had to make that letter first, then – yum – gobble it up! Without further ado, Travis nibbled his way through:

A for apples

Eat Alph A

B for banana slices

Eat Alph B

C for cereal

Eat Alph C

D for dates

Eat Alph D

E for eggplant

Eat Alph E.JPG

F for Fritos

Eat Alph F

G for grapes

Eat Alph G.JPG

H for Hippies (chickpea puffs)

Eat Alph H.JPG

I for ice cream cone

Eat Alph I

J for jelly

Eat Alph J.JPG

K for kiwi

Eat Alph K.JPG

L for licorice

Eat Alph L

M for marshmallows

Eat Alph M

N for nuts

Eat Alph N

O for Oreo cookies

Eat Alph O.JPG

P for pretzels

Eat Alph P

Q for quesadilla

Eat Alph Q

R for raspberries

Eat Alph R

S for Sour Patch kids

Eat Alph S.JPG

T for Twizzlers

Eat Alph T.JPG

U for Utz chips

Eat Alph U.JPG

V for veggie stix

Eat Alph V

W for watermelon

Eat Alph W

X for two x-ed bell pepper stix

Eat Alph X

Y for yams

Eat Alph Y

and Z for zucchini!

Eat Alph Z

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