“Owl Do It” List

Owl Do It (6)

Fall is here, and with it a return to routines and responsibilities. If your child is having a hard time adjusting to the steps involved for school or sports or around the house, then you can put together this adorable chore reminder list.

To make the chart, I cut owl pieces from felt, using light blue for the body, dark blue for wings, yellow for beak and feet, and black for feathers and eyebrows. I used hot glue to affix all these owl parts, minus the wings, and then glued on wiggle eyes.

Owl Do It (1)

For the wings, poke a hole in the felt and use a brad to attach them to the body. Now the wings can move up and down!

Owl Do It (2)

Glue a piece of dark blue cardstock onto a cardboard rectangle. Add a smaller square of light blue cardstock on one half; glue the owl to the other half. Glue a post-it notepad on top of the light blue square.

Owl Do It (3)

Now write in chores, reminders, or anything else that’s helpful for your child! Travis felt proud crossing off steps in the morning.

Owl Do it (4)

If you like, glue a felt loop near the bottom and slide in a pen. That way your child will never have to go searching for one. You can also glue a magnet onto the back of the cardboard so the list hangs up on the fridge.

Owl Do It (5)

Hopefully soon you’re hearing, “Owl do it myself!”


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