Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle

Make Your Own Jigsaw (4).JPG

Travis had so much fun with the puzzles in his latest Kiwi Crate that we decided to make a few of our own!

Download and print out any puzzle template from online. We found ones we liked showing a teddy bear and a butterfly (and if anyone can find the Steve the Kiwi template from, let us know!).

Make Your Own Jigsaw (1)

Coloring in was half the fun. I warned Travis that if he made his butterfly all orange, it was going to be very hard to put back together.

Make Your Own Jigsaw (2)

Soon he branched out to other colors, and added blue so that the butterfly was flying over the ocean. Glue your template to an old cereal box and let dry completely.

Make Your Own Jigsaw (3)

Now it was time to cut up the pieces! Word of caution: This task is quite time-consuming for a 16-piece puzzle. For that reason, and because I worried the 16 pieces would be quite a challenge for Travis, I cut his butterfly into fewer, larger pieces.

Make Your Own Jigsaw (5)

Now puzzle! As mentioned, the butterfly came together quickly.

Make Your Own Jigsaw (6)

Between uneven pieces and tricky outlines, the teddy bear nearly stumped us!

Make Your Own Jigsaw (7)

What would your child make a puzzle of? Please share in the comments!

Make Your Own Jigsaw (8)

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