Holey Hand

Holey Hand (4)

This simple trick is a tangible way to show kids how each eye sees the world in just a slightly different way. Kids will marvel at the fact that the brain blends together two views into one picture once they have a “hole” in their hand!

All you need to do is hold an empty paper towel tube up to the left eye, holding it in the left hand. Leave both eyes open, and place the right hand directly in front of the open right eye. Slowly begin moving that hand forward, keeping it against the side of the cardboard tube.

Ideally, you’ll start to see a hole in your hand! I had to help Travis with a few mechanics. At first he zoomed his hand forward too fast.

Holey Hand (1)

Then it wasn’t quite at the right angle.

Holey Hand (2)

But then I got a big smile and laugh once he had the trick of it down. Grown-ups, you’ll want to try this, too!

Holey Hand (3)


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